Got Your Bingo Jackpot Yet?

Got Your Bingo Jackpot Yet?


Not yet? Well, then get online and rush to 123bingoonline as their online bingo games come tagged to the jumbo jackpots both in guaranteed and progressive types


Mostly all their bingo games feature the guaranteed jackpots! What makes these guaranteed jackpots so special is that they offer a chance to pocket a big prize money in one go. Guaranteed jackpots are definite rewards that drop in your pockets on completing a particular pattern. Since these pots are guaranteed, it must be won by someone for sure.


Besides these guaranteed ones, some of the games also feature progressive jackpots that grow with every bingo card purchased or with very game played. Usually, you are required to create a particular pattern within the stipulated the number of calls to win this jackpot. So, this means that if no one fills up the winning criterion for this type of jackpot, then it moves to the next game to add more value to its pot till it’s finally won by someone.


Every month, 123bingoonline rolls out some special bingo games featuring both the guaranteed and progressive jackpots. So, do stop by their promotions page and take a look at the variety of jackpot bingo games. If it’s your first time, you can register and use the free $25 sign-up bonus to look around and tryout the jackpots.


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